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    Marketing decision models


    Business strategies definition

    1. Market and product development
      1. Beta testing
      2. Market research testing
      3. Commercialization of a product
        This is often considered post-NPD (New Product Development).
    2. Business and revenue model
    3. Positioning and differentiation
    4. Multi channel distribution
      'With each new sales channel, a company expands its sales and market coverage'.
    5. Multi channel communication
      The goal of writing multi channel communication plan is to get an audience to invest their time, money or efforts in a product or service.
    6. Marketing communication mix
      The importance of online service for some organisations are indicated by bank Nationwide.
    7. Organisational capabilities
    1. Idea generation
      1. Opportunity analysis
        The strategy of assessing the potential for a change or enhancement to enhance the generation of revenue.
    2. Idea screening
    3. Business analysis
      1. Break even analysis
      2. Benefits of break even analysis
      3. Fourt Woodlock equation
        The tool used to determine whether the product idea will be profitable or not.
    4. Critical path analysis
    5. How to make critical path analysis?
    6. Critical path in business
    7. Logistics strategic plan
      Logistics is how to get raw materials, move them in the system, distribute and replace them.