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    SEO tips and tricks

    SEO terms

    1. Press releases and SEO
      Many companies don't take advantage of the combined benefits of press releases and SEO. They don't understand that press releases can be part of your SEO efforts
    2. Who to submit a press release to?
    3. How to write press release?
    4. Split testing
      Split testing is a way of testing two different sales messages to find the most effective one.
    5. Image optimization SEO
    6. Typos for SEO
      If you don't use typos for SEO in your website you could be losing out on traffic that is legitimately looking for your business.
    7. Link building and page rank
    8. Increase traffic by link building
    9. Tips for keyword optimization
    10. Page rank for small business
      Page Ranking algorithm tends to privilege small businesses. Find out how...
    1. Split testing techniques
    2. Simple A-B split testing
    3. Multi variate split testing
    4. Dangling links
      An important aspect of outbound links is the lack of them on web pages, and the relationship between dangling links and page rank.
    5. Long tail keywords
    6. Page ranking algorithm
    7. PR using outbound links
    8. What is PR0?
    9. Post penguin SEO
      It was the technical SEOs that has been abusing the algorithm, and where their knowledge and experience is needed on the good side of post penguin SEO.
    10. The damping factor
      PageRank theory assumes, an imaginary surfer who is randomly clicking links will at some stage desist from clicking. The probability, the person will continue is the damping factor d.