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    Business strategies definition

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    If you have no idea where to start, or you’re pulling your hair out with all of the dead ends, then you're on the right way. You are actually coming up with your own research - nothing bad in it. ...

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    Vision and Mission Statements

    ... Many organizations have a top level mission statement which is used to scope the ambition of the company and to highlight the success factors for the business, and their service offerings. ...


    Marketing decision models

    Discusses the processes that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.


    What is a feed?

    Browsing through the web, you might have found out that, subscribing to several feeds, users quickly review all the latest updates from one consolidated index rather than browsing from site to site. Web feeds are invaluable for Web sites. But what is a feed? ...

    Blogging communities

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    Social networking is the most powerful media nowadays to start your self-promotion. Blogging communities are groups of bloggers formed around a central idea, commonality or interest. These communities exist to help writers connect around shared characteristics and blog topics, offering them a chance to grow together and learn from one another's experiences.

    Networking isn't the only benefit of blogging communities. These communities can also help you generate ideas for your blog content, allow for collaboration with bloggers like you and help foster backlinks and shared audiences. Once you've established relationships with other bloggers in your community, you may even be asked to guest write on your newfound friends' sites.

    There are blogging communities that are even dedicated for web designers - blogging communities which are dedicated for this purpose - Design Float and Design Shovel. Make a group with fellow designers and keep up with them through voting and beneficial sharing. You can go through the following articles to find more details about web design promotion ideas using these blogging communities:

    1. Design Float
      Design Float is a social bookmarking / social voting site where users submit and discuss the latest news in the worlds of technology, social media and programming.

      Design Float offers trending design tips and web development news and current practices. Stay up to date with all design and development news with Design Float.

    2. Design Shovel
      Design Shovel is a place to find the top rated web design/development, digital art, traditional art and graphic design articles published online. You can take help of Get Free Followers to easily get your contents into their ratings - FREE!

      How does Design Shovel thrive? They actively seek partnerships; they do conference; they keep the noise very, very low (low quality stories were taken off) and ultimately, they have lots of endorsers like me.

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