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The New Media - The Social Media

Social media strategy

During the early days when there were no televisions or computers, when there were no broad band services or telephones; people used to spend time with their family, friends or with their near and dear ones. Since then time had changed. ...

... Don’t construct a mythical tale about yourself, but do take the time to become aware of your identity. What does your company believe in? What are you known for and what do you want to be known for? Once classified, you can use that information to start building your community. ...

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Interactive marketing

It's important that you have your exit strategies ready for every possible situations, as much as possible.

What are you going to do when someone calls you a moron? How will you react when they tell the world that your company is deceitful and made of nothing but liars?...


Social networks

There are a great deal of social networking sites on the internet, sometimes too many. Most of them are dormant and are no longer active, largely because they were poorly marketed and hence, never had an active community of users in the first place. These services exist in order to allow social networks sharing a common interest, the opportunity to stay connected....


How to use Delicious?

FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
Polls works like an online social bookmarking system. One of the greatest website perks and most effective websites to increase direct targeted traffic, having a large number of targeted visitors is Delicious. A few years back I used to get popular on Delicious with my resources lists for Pure Money Making. Delicious has been already neglected by then as their owner at that time, Yahoo didn't really invest in it. Nonetheless when a post got popular and thus entered the Delicious it still got around 1000 – 5000 visitors but more importantly it got many more Delicious saves which resulted directly in links on websites, often automatically.

Later on, Delicious abandoned the front page concept and moved the popular items to a separate tab. From then on Delicious became obsolete for most publishers and many users turned to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr.

Now that Yahoo has been sold Delicious to the YouTube founders there are new hopes that the almost 10 years old social bookmarking service can get a meaningful update that would make more apt for today's Web environment. Until then Delicious works as it did under Yahoo's reign. It's not dead but it's not thriving either. Other modern services have and with them the idea of social bookmarking has evolved, Evernote, Diigo and are all in some ways better than Delicious.

But while other sites are often a place for the "awesome" but short-lived stuff, Delicious bookmarks are often resources archived for future use and reference. Creating a complete profile, adding people to the contact list and sharing the targeted bookmarks can drive huge traffic to the website and this is only the matter of a single week.

  1. Delicious Subscription
    Start by following your friends and family. Then search for people who are adding the same links as you. If you find some great links / content, follow those people. Everyone might reciprocate and follow you back. Or, let Get Free Followers do the job for you!

It becomes a much easier job - when the #1 social media marketing tool - Get Free Followers is there for you - providing such a wonderful service for FREE! The below Delicious tips will make your life in Delicious even better:

  1. When you submit a piece of content to delicious try to take the time to write a great title for it. Users will see your submission and decide whether or not they want to click on that bookmark to read the original content or bookmark it.
  2. When you submit a piece of content try to take the time to write a description that will entice delicious users to click through to read the original content or bookmark it themselves. Pass by with great descriptions.
  3. Make sure you tag your bookmarks intuitively. Other users would search for to find content like what you're bookmarking. The content you submit doesn't have a chance to generate any interest and traffic if no one can find it.
  4. Ask your readers to bookmark it. Install the delicious Tag meter which will show your readers how many people have bookmarked your posts. They'll often join in and bookmark it. When people see that others are bookmarking a post they'll be interested.
  5. Build a network of friends on delicious. Develop relationships with readers. A strong group of friends can have a powerful influence in terms of drawing attention to bookmark submissions.
  1. Delicious Bookmarks
    And here is a tool that can boost your Delicious bookmarks - for FREE of cost. Delicious, formerly known as, is an online bookmarking destination where users can save bookmarked sites on a personal account. It is more than just a bookmark site - it's a social bookmarking site, which means there's also a focus on sharing along with storing.

  1. The First Paragraph

    The first paragraph is important for all written content. On social bookmarking sites, it's integral. A good description and a great headline will get them interested, but now they want content with meat.
  2. Following Through on Expectations

    The key to getting this right is understanding that you now have to meet the expectations of your readers. A headline and description together creates an idea in a reader's head. Give them what they're expecting from the first paragraph. Failing to do this will turn them away.
  3. Exchanging Content for Technique

    All content should flow, but one look at social bookmarking sites demonstrates that a lot of sites trade in great content for bookmarking techniques. Low-quality content is useless even on sites like these and will heavily hamper your ability to bring in repeat traffic.
  4. Let Others Do the Work

    When someone else bookmarks your blog or site, it provides greater value. For a start, you’re not doing anything and it’s happening of its own accord. So make it easier for people to do it. Place your bookmarking button in an easy-to-reach location.

Remember, seamless sharing makes it more likely someone is going to take the time to help you out. And don't forget to add Get Free Followers in your arsenal. The above how-to articles will help you out.

Delicious bookmarking


Social Bookmarking

  1. Delicious Bookmarks
    It is more than just a bookmark site - it's a social bookmarking site, which means there's also a focus on sharing along with storing.
  2. Delicious Subscription
    Start by following your friends and family. Then search for people who are adding the same links as you. If you find some great links / content, follow those people. Everyone might reciprocate and follow you back. Or, let Get Free Followers do the job for you!
  3. Diigo
    Just as individuals, businesses can also use Diigo features to tag, organize as well as promote their content. Let's find out how.
    1. Follow on Diigo
      Diigo Followers are people who will get updates when you post some new material.
    2. Diigo Bookmarking
      They have educator accounts specifically geared towards getting K-12 teachers to use their service, so they have lots of educators who view and share their bookmarks. This is also what most of our users are!
  1. BizSugar
  2. Blokube
  3. Delicious Bookmarks
  4. Design Float
    Are you looking to get your content posted in Design Float? It's a social bookmarking site where users submit and discuss latest news in the worlds of technology, social media and programming.
  5. Design Shovel
  6. Diigo Bookmarking
  7. Blog Engage
  8. How to make money on LinkedIn?
  9. NewsMeBack
  10. Stumbleupon marketing
    One single statement will tell you why it'll be a mistake to overlook Stumbleupon : in 2011, Forbes published findings that Stumbleupon had surpassed even Facebook as a source of social media traffic in the United States.
  11. XING