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This is an all new Q&A community - built with full set of abilities to promote anything - be it your business / blog / website or even finance / CFD market ideas. We’ll highlight all the available opportunities herewith for you.

What kind of Questions you should post?

  1. How-to articles
    Do you have a business / website / service of your own. This is a really intuitive way of promoting that - by writing how-to articles on that. Make your business popular by using this highly interactive community of entrepreneurs.

    Keep you article descriptive - try not to put more than 3 links inside it - as this may look like a spam to others. Write this in such a way - so that it makes way for others’ interaction - keeping space for answers.

    The more interactions you get - by receiving answers or by receiving up-votes - your Question will rank that higher in the community - and thus creating opportunity for even more interaction.
  2. Issues and doubts on your business
    Are you facing any road-blocks on your business. Get your solution from the experts in the exact niche.

    One trick to this is - while posting your Question - leave e reference / link to your business as well. All the questions are exposed to search engines. So by posting links - you are also helping the SEO for your business as well.
  3. Stock market / CFD / Finance advices
    You don’t have to be stock market guru. Ask for tips from other traders / finance advisors. Your Question can be on any relevant thing - e.g. any recent event in the finance market (like Brexit woes of GBP), asking for advice on any trading technique / any stock’s future.

    If you are a guru - you can also post your own tips / advices - and ask for others’ feedback. Just make sure your post your large enough - to look like an article of some sorts - make it acceptable among the expert traders. Don’t look for a short promotion tip to be accepted in the community!

    This community is solely dedicated to online money making niche. Stock market / CFD / Finance being one of the most important sectors generating revenue - we highly encourage Questions / Answers from this niche.
  4. Any non-promotional Questions
    We always have space for Questions that are not promotional. Just make sure your post is “Qualified” - means you should be able to categorise this in the available categories. Any post that is not eligible to be in the selected category - will be strictly moderated.

Post on others’ wall

You might have noticed this already. This website is a social network in itself as well. You can post on other users’ wall - as you can in Facebook. Your comments are available to anyone who can see that user's wall. When commenting on someone's wall, use proper etiquette and observe our site’s bullying and spam policies to get the most out of your community experience.

Though your free to promote your stuffs here - you should better off avoid posting links in the walls - so that it doesn’t give a spamming self promotion feeling to the concerned user. Look to build relationship and mutual understanding with the other users of this community - that will make you more credible in this website, and in the long run - your posts will get more views and votes.

Write answers

Another place where you can promote yourself. Keep your answer relevant to the question though! And it should make sense and should be helpful to the Question as well. We strongly moderate all answers in the community - to keep the quality of posts high. Any pointless self-promotion will get rejected by the community authors.

Also keep in mind, you may disagree with your friend's posts, even his lifestyle choices. However, there is a difference between expressing your opinion and harassing or intimidating behaviour. Bullying is against our terms of use. According to our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, you are not allowed to "bully, intimidate or harass any user." If you do, you can lose partial or full access to the community. In addition, some states have already enacted laws against cyberbullying.

Vote on others’ Questions / Answers

People get very worked up when they see information that is wrong in print, particularly on a site that is all about bringing authoritative information to the top. Down-voting provides a way to give this expression. If it were removed there would be a steep rise in short comments on answers, like "This answer is factually wrong" or "rubbish" as people feel the need to do something on the record to make sure fallacy is not labelled fact.

So always keep your posts in high quality. Also up-vote for others - they’ll return the favour - as people can easily see who all have voted for their Questions / Answers. The more up-vote you receive - your posts (Question / Answer) get higher in rank on this community - and you keep getting more views.


There are few more tricks in the community - these you’ll get to know soon once you keep your involvement growing here. One such trick is the Wiki page and the "Wikify" button beside all answers. Do you know that - your answers can take part in the Wiki as well? Of course it should have some quality to be there - as the Wiki is constantly moderated to maintain a certain level of quality there. This is because - the wiki is highly regarded by the search engines among all other pages of this community.

Let us know if you find something in this community - which you want to know more about - write your question - we’re always here to help. That will help this community as well.smiley

Thanks & Regards,
Admin Team
asked Mar 30, 2017 in SEO tips and tricks by puremoneymaking (380 points)

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Share prices charts

Stock market for beginners

  1. RSI chart
  1. 2652
    The best way to day-trade is the 2652 theory of day trading.
    1. 2652 theory of trading
    2. High low trading
  2. Buy the company
    Stock market can be irrational in short term. Good companies can make temporary losses. But an investor should not get diverted by this.
  3. Contrarian investing
  4. Outperform the market
  5. Day trading guide
  6. Head and shoulders pattern
  7. News trade
  8. Rebate trade
    This is an equity trading style that uses ECN rebates as primary source of profit and revenue.
  9. Scalping trade
  10. Trade systems

Pinterest seo

  1. Small Jobs - Category: Online Stock Trading
    Be prepared to accept you will lose in order to gain: just ensure your losses are relatively smaller than your winning trades. Very successful traders generally have more losing trades than winning trades. They don't have any problems about admitting they're wrong, and have the ability to close out losing positions quickly. Programme your mind to accept many small losses but also to be patient to achieve a few large gains.

    Does the above scare you? Then may be you need an expert trader's advice - rather than deciding yourself - when to start a trade and when to exit. That's where Small is really helpful. CFDs / Expert traders post their suggestions for as small as 5 USD here - for each winning trade. On the other hand - as a novice trader - you can pay expert traders only 5 USD and make as much profit you want in return - only sky is the limit.
FREE service to make updating your social networks a snap!
Pinterest is a social photo sharing website that has also been described as an online pin board. In my case, Pinterest ranks 3rd as a source of traffic referral for my website. 1st, is Twitter, followed by Facebook. While I still love to pin images of cutesy Lab puppies, for the most part, I use Pinterest to refer traffic to my website where authors can read my blog, buy my books, or hire me.

Most SEO "Guru's" will tell you that Pinterest is useless for search engine optimization because "it is only pictures." I'm about to prove them wrong. Pinterest is one of the most powerful and underutilized forms of social media on the internet. Not only is Pinterest a great platform to enhance your SEO efforts, but it's traffic also has a higher "commercial intent" (meaning people looking to buy) and, therefore, is much "warmer."

  1. Backlinks & Referrals

    Every image pinned to a Board has a link back to its original published source. These are valuable backlinks and can provide referral traffic as well. Capitalize on this. Posting your product and service images and videos is a great place to start. However, keep in mind that it's important to avoid being blatantly self-promotional - remember to provide value to your audience by sharing quality content that is relevant to their interests and worth liking, commenting on, and re-pinning.

    For this very reason, Get Free Followers encourages its users to do all the above stuffs - by paying them for this. Below article explains how:

    1. Get paid to Pin on Pinterest
      Can Pinterest really make you money? Get Free Followers helps you make some bucks out of Pinterest Pins in 2 ways - directly and in-directly.
  2. Take advantage of keyword targeting

    Google now indexes personal Pinterest profiles and private Pinterest boards. Adding keywords to your boards increases the odds of them appearing in a search.
  3. Web Presence

    Pinterest is yet another web presence point. Simple as that. Just like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, Pinterest has gained enough momentum and significance that excluding it any longer may negatively impact your web presence compared to your competitors.
  4. Competitors

    Your competitors are likely using Pinterest on Get Free Followers already. This is a grand enough reason to get started. But better yet, if they are not, you can take advantage of the situation and start building out your Pinterest presence before they do.
  5. Gain better insights into analytics for targeting

    Using Pinterest for Social SEO can also help with better report-ing in your ana-lyt-ics. In your analytics report you can see which pieces of Pin-terest con-tent earned a refer-ral click. You'll be able to track people who pro-mote your con-tent, inter-act with them and map out a bet-ter pro-mo-tional strategy with feed-back and ana-lyt-ics stats from them on what kind of con-tent works best.
  6. Pinterest is not going away in the near future.

    In December 2011, the site became one of the top 10 largest social networking sites, according to Hitwise data, with 11 million total visits per week - this number increased to 21.5 million visits for the week ending January 28, 2012. According to Experian's 2012 Digital Marketer: Benchmark and Trend Report, Pinterest is now the third most popular social network in the U.S. behind Facebook and Twitter, having surpassed LinkedIn.

Pinterest and High Commercial Intent

I refer to use Pinterest as the "Bridge to Amazon" and here is some data to back that up:
  1. 88% of people purchase what they pin
  2. Pinterest has over 70 million users
  3. The 70 million users have posted a combined total of over 30 million pins
  4. 80% of pins are re-pins (like re-Tweets)

VK social media


Image SEO

  1. VK Page
  2. VK find Friends
  3. VK promotion
    VK public Groups are organically searchable in Yandex which is the top Russian search engine. Get Free Followers provides you this professional and super fast service to give 100% REAL and active VK users - willing to be members of your Group and make it popular.
  4. VK photos
  5. VK like
  6. VK post
  7. VK marketing
    Get Free Followers can help your VK Post reach millions of VK users, without needing you to spend much time on it!
  8. VK videos
    Do you know that you can also post videos in VK - the Russian Facebook? Yes - as you guessed it by now - VK, the social giant, can also be used for marketing your videos.
  9. VK video player
  1. Design Float
    Are you looking to get your content posted in Design Float? It's a social bookmarking site where users submit and discuss latest news in the worlds of technology, social media and programming.
  2. Design Shovel
    Design Shovel is a place to find the top rated web design/development, digital art, traditional art and graphic design articles published online. Get Free Followers helps you get into their ratings FREE!
  3. VK photos
  4. How to increase Likes on Facebook Photo?
  5. Make money with Instagram Likes
  6. Get paid to Pin on Pinterest
  7. How to get more Repins on Pinterest?
  8. How to get Retweets?
    One way to get search engine exposure is - post your photos to Twitter - with some good message of course. Then use Get Free Followers to boost Retweets on those.